Here’s a few words from local business owners about why they love advertising with us and how consistent, local advertising in their communities has helped them…

[symple_testimonial by=”Jay Oliveira – co-owner of Suburban Home Outfitters” fade_in=”false”]I am extremely happy that we made the decision to advertise on the cover of Keep It Local Maine. The response to the ad and the traffic that it drove into the store was amazing and much better than expected! Thank you Kim and Todd for the great exposure![/symple_testimonial]


[symple_testimonial by=”Jen Erickson – of The Erickson Real Estate Team” fade_in=”false”]I just wanted to let you know I went to dinner last night and people knew I was a Realtor because of Keep It Local Maine. Being new to the field, name and face recognition are so important… I just thought I would share that and send a big thank you![/symple_testimonial]


[symple_testimonial by=”Steve Erickson, The Erickson Real Estate Team” fade_in=”false”]I want to let you know how excited I was when I saw the January-February edition land in my mailbox and saw the ad that you helped create for my business. Not long afterwards, I received two phone calls from a prospective buyer and a home owner looking for a market analysis to be done on their home. That is what I call great results at a very affordable cost! Thank you for making it so easy to advertise by assisting me with setting up my advertisement.[/symple_testimonial]


[symple_testimonial by=”Mike – Maine Heating Solutions” fade_in=”false”]We can’t get our phones to stop ringing thanks to our ad in Keep It Local Maine.[/symple_testimonial]


[symple_testimonial by=”Jim Hartley – owner, Pine Tree Seafood” fade_in=”false”]Just wanted to let you know how thrilled we are with the performance of our ad in the December – January issue of Keep it Local. The very day the mailer reached mailboxes, we received phone calls from new and existing customers inquiring about our products, or simply relaying that they saw the ad. We had over 25 coupons redeemed within the first three weeks, several from new customers. As a relatively new business, our marketing funds are quite frankly limited, but you made it affordable on top of being effective. We’ll be sure to be a part of future Keep It Local issues – it’s honestly been one of the most successful marketing campaigns we’ve been associated with since opening. Thank you for including us.[/symple_testimonial]


[symple_testimonial by=”Garrett Stephens – owner, Xtreme Mobile Detailing” fade_in=”false”]I would like to thank Kim and Keep It Local for expanding my business to several local areas. When she first presented her opportunity to me, I was hesitant as I never paid to advertise. I have run several ads with Keep It Local and I’m happy with the outcome. Her price point is very reasonable, she is professional, and always looking for ways to help businesses grow. Thank you![/symple_testimonial]


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